Kansas City Chiefs Logo Counted Cross Stitch Pattern – Download in PDF

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  • The counted cross-stitch pattern showcases the iconic Kansas City Chiefs logo, honoring the team’s storied tradition and devoted fanbase.
  • Size: 7.00w × 4.43h inches (17.78w × 11.25h cm), Colors: 2; Canvas color: white.
  • Characteristics: 14 count Aida, 98w × 62h stitches.
  • Usage: A game day decoration, gift, personal keepsake, framed artwork, cushion cover, patch for apparel, event decor. This pattern is perfect for any Chiefs supporter looking to showcase their pride and connection to the rich tradition of Kansas City football. Go Chiefs! 🏈🔥
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Kansas City Chiefs logo cross stitch pattern, available for instant download as a 5-page PDF file.

What’s Included in Your Download:

    1. An image of the finished embroidery
    2. A color block pattern with grid lines
    3. A black and white symbols pattern
    4. A key for DMC floss colors and Stitch Guide
    5. Basic Rules of Embroidery manual

Requirements: Any PDF reader to open and view the file.

Kansas City Chiefs

🏈 The Kansas City Chiefs, one of the most iconic franchises in NFL history, are celebrated for their numerous championships and rich football heritage. Established in 1960, the Chiefs have a legacy of excellence, teamwork, and innovation, with a dedicated fanbase rallying behind their iconic red and gold colors. Their unwavering commitment to success and tradition has made the Chiefs a symbol of football greatness and an enduring legacy. 🏆🔥

Why Red and Gold

The colors Red and Gold were officially adopted as the Kansas City Chiefs’ colors when the team was established in 1963. These colors hold deep significance, representing more than just the team’s identity. “Red” is a bold color that reflects the passion and energy of the Chiefs’ community, while “Gold” denotes excellence, success, and the team’s storied legacy. These colors were chosen to create a striking and memorable image, becoming a symbol of tradition and pride that has endured through the decades.

The Chiefs Mascot

The mascot of the Kansas City Chiefs, KC Wolf, embodies the spirit and enthusiasm of the team’s fan base. Since its introduction in 1989, KC Wolf has become a beloved figure, known for its entertaining antics and community involvement. The choice of a wolf is symbolic of the loyalty and strength associated with the Chiefs’ Kingdom. Various stories exist about the origin of this mascot, but the most compelling is that the wolf represents the team’s fierce and relentless pursuit of victory. The Chiefs’ decision to adopt a costumed mascot rather than a live animal reflects a commitment to fan engagement and family-friendly entertainment, while still maintaining the powerful and spirited symbolism that KC Wolf represents.

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