USC Trojans logo counted cross stitch pattern - PDF-file download
USC Trojans Logo Counted Cross Stitch Pattern Key Chart - 04
USC Trojans Logo Counted Cross Stitch - Embroidery Rules- 05
USC Trojans logo counted cross stitch pattern - PDF-file download

USC Trojans Logo Counted Cross Stitch Pattern – Download in PDF

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  • Counted cross stitch pattern features the iconic USC Trojans logo, celebrating the spirited tradition of the University of Southern California.
  • Size: 3.07w × 4.64h inches (7.80w × 11.79h cm), Colors: 2; Canvas color: white.
  • Characteristics: 14 count Aida, 43w × 65h stitches.
  • Usage: Ideal for game day decorations, gifts, personal keepsakes, framed artwork, cushion covers, patches for apparel, and event decor. Whether you’re an alumnus, student, or fan, this counted cross-stitch pattern allows you to express your pride and connection to the Trojans’ rich heritage. Fight on! 🏈


USC Trojans logo cross stitch pattern, available for instant download as a 5-page PDF file.

What’s Included in Your Download:

      1. An image of the finished embroidery
      2. A color block pattern with grid lines
      3. A black and white symbols pattern
      4. A key for DMC floss colors and Stitch Guide
      5. Basic Rules of Embroidery manual

Requirements: Any PDF reader to open and view the file.

USC Trojans

The USC Trojans logo symbolizesstrength, tradition, and excellence. It embodies the proud heritage of the University of Southern California, representing the spirit of determination and resilience that characterizes the Trojan community. With its bold design and iconic imagery, the logo serves as a rallying point for students, alumni, and fans alike, inspiring a sense of unity and pride in the rich history and achievements of USC athletics and academics.🏛️

Why Cardinal and Gold

The colors Cardinal and Gold were officially adopted as the USC Trojans’ colors in 1895. These colors hold deep significance, symbolizing the rich tradition and legacy of the university. “Cardinal” represents passion, courage, and determination, reflecting the fierce competitive spirit of USC athletes. “Gold” signifies excellence, success, and achievement, embodying the academic and athletic prowess of the university’s students and alumni. These colors were chosen to honor the university’s founding ideals and have since become an enduring symbol of Trojan pride and tradition.

USC Trojans Mascot

The mascot of the USC Trojans, the Trojan, embodies tales of valor and resilience. Rooted in ancient Greek mythology, the Trojan stands as a symbol of strength and heroism. Despite USC being located in Southern California, far from the ancient city of Troy, the Trojan serves as a reminder of the university’s commitment to excellence and triumph over adversity. USC’s embrace of the Trojan mascot reflects its dedication to upholding noble virtues and achieving victory, both on the field of play and in the pursuit of knowledge.

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