Boston Celtics Logo Counted Cross Stitch Pattern – Download in PDF

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  • The counted cross stitch pattern features the iconic Boston Celtics logo, celebrating the team’s rich tradition and passionate fanbase.
  • Size: 7.07w × 7.86h inches (17.96w × 19.96h cm, Colors: 2; Canvas color: white.
  • Characteristics: 14 count Aida, 99w × 110h stitches.
  • Usage: A game day decoration, gift, personal keepsake, framed artwork, cushion cover, patch for apparel, event decor. This pattern is perfect for any Celtics supporter looking to showcase their pride and connection to the storied history of Boston basketball. Go Celtics! 🍀🏀
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Boston Celtics logo cross stitch pattern, available for instant download as a 5-page PDF file.

What’s Included in Your Download:

    1. An image of the finished embroidery
    2. A color block pattern with grid lines
    3. A black and white symbols pattern
    4. A key for DMC floss colors and Stitch Guide
    5. Basic Rules of Embroidery manual

Requirements: Any PDF reader to open and view the file.

Boston Celtics

🍀 The Boston Celtics, one of the most storied franchises in NBA history, are renowned for their record number of championships and rich basketball heritage. Established in 1946, the Celtics have a legacy of excellence, teamwork, and innovation, with a passionate fanbase supporting their iconic green and white colors. Their commitment to success and tradition has made the Celtics a symbol of basketball greatness and enduring legacy. 🏀

Why Green and White

The colors Green and White were officially adopted as the Boston Celtics’ colors in 1946. These colors hold deep significance, representing more than just the team’s identity. “Green” symbolizes growth, prosperity, and the Irish heritage, reflecting the vibrancy and the energy of the Celtics’ community, while “White” denotes purity, unity, and excellence. These colors were chosen to honor Boston’s strong Irish-American population and the team’s fighting spirit, becoming a symbol of tradition and pride that has endured through the decades.

The Lucky Leprechaun Mascot

The mascot of the Boston Celtics, the Lucky Leprechaun, brings with it tales of charm and tenacity. Despite the strong Irish influence in Boston, there is no verified evidence of actual leprechauns inhabiting the city. Various theories exist about the origin of this mascot, ranging from Boston’s Irish heritage to the Celtics’ reputation for their fighting spirit. The most compelling is that the leprechaun symbolizes the luck and resilience that characterize both the team and its fans. The Celtics’ refusal to adopt a more conventional mascot stems from a commitment to maintaining the unique and spirited symbolism that the Lucky Leprechaun represents—charming, determined, and full of grit.

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