Cross Stitch Pattern of Bookmark “Asterix and Obelix: Druid Panoramix” – Download in PDF

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Full-color block chart
Legend with DMC thread colors
Color image of the completed piece for reference

Designed for 16 counts white Aida
Colors: 9 DMC colors
Size: 29 x 97 stitches

✔️ Please be advised this is a downloadable digital pattern for embroidery, not a ready-made item.

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Cross Stitch Pattern of Bookmark “Asterix and Obelix: Druid Panoramix” – Download in PDF

“Getafix (or, in some translations, Magigamix, French: Panoramix) is the village druid. In appearance he is tall with a white beard, white robe, red cloak. He is usually seen in possession of a small golden sickle. While his age is never stated, in the story of Asterix’ birth (in which all but the oldest villagers are seen as small children) he appears unchanged. In Asterix and the Big Fight the druid Psychoanalytix (who appears quite old) refers to him as his elder and teacher. Although known for his strength-enhancing magic potion, he has many other magical and medicinal potions at his disposal, and acts as the village doctor and occasionally teacher. Asterix (and most other villagers) will consult him whenever anything strange occurs. He does not himself normally engage in combat, whereas most of the villagers enjoy a good punch-up (even with each other). On one occasion in one of the stories explaining Gaulish women, with using Mrs. Geriatrix as an example, with a fight sparked by Impedimenta. The final cut is shown with all the male villagers and two females, Impedimenta and Bacteria included, with Getafix running to stop the punch up, with a piece of fish flying towards him. What he does next (continues to attempt to stop the fight or joins in the brawl) is unknown, although the former is the most likely.” – Wikipedia

The exclusive embroidery bookmark design “Druid Panoramix” is specially crafted for fans of the film’s incredible adventures of two friends, where they use a magic potion, brewed by a druid and fight the Romans led by Caesar, who invaded Gaul, and the heroes have to travel to different countries and regions, both European (Britain, Spain, Italy) and more exotic (Egypt, America, India). Give this counted cross stitch pattern a shot to keep favorite themes at your fingertips. A handmade gift like that will definitely impress every Comics lover.

Our patterns and instructions are easy to interpret and a pleasure to embroider. All it takes to make such a bookmark is a small piece of 16 count Aida cloth, 3,9 x 7,8 inches (10 x 20 cm) in size, and leftover threads from kits that have already been embroidered. The process of sewing the bookmark is described in the instruction that goes with the pattern.

✔️ This embroidery pattern for cross stitch has been created by a certified specialist and thoroughly tested!

✔️ Partly stitched! Our patterns include just enough thread colors to ensure a bright and quality design. You won’t have to stitch any redundant “single” crosses. Every cross is exactly where it belongs.

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