Cross Stitch Kits “Harry Potter Magic Spels and Charms” – Set of 3 DIY Embroidery Bookmarks: Alohomora, Expecto Patronum, Wingardium Leviosa

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  • ⚡ Set of 3 Harry Potter cross stitch bookmark kits: Expecto Patronum, Wingardium Leviosa, Alohomora
  • Each kit includes: full color pattern, guide, 16-count Aida cloth, threads, needle. Size of bookmarks: 2.36″ х 7.48″ (6.5 cm x 20 cm); Colors: 3; Canvas color: white
  • Characteristics: Counted cross stitch; a full cross in two strands, a back stitch; partly stitched.
  • Suitable for kids and adults, both beginner and advanced needlework levels
  • Сan be used as a unique handmade bookmark or a gift for Harry Potter books fan
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Set of 3 cross stitch bookmark kits “Harry Potter magic spells and charms” displays incantations used by characters of Potterina: “Expecto Patronum”, “Wingardium Leviosa”, “Alohomora”

An incantation is the magic word or words spoken to cast a spell. Spells can be cast without saying the incantation out loud by a skilled witch or wizard, but the incantation still needs to be in one’s mind while casting. Most known incantations derive from the Latin language but there are a few which are English.” – Harry Potter Wiki.⚡The embroidery set consists of all the necessary materials to get this quote bookmark. The user-friendly manual will help you enjoy the embroidery process to the fullest. By completing the work, you get a useful and exclusive handmade bookmark while improving your creative and artistic skills. You can definitely use the bookmark when reading your favorite books or it can be a great gift for a true fan of wizardry and magic.

✂️ Each cross stitch kit includes:
▪️ Counted cross stitch pattern;
▪️ Instructions;
▪️ 16-count Aida cloth (white color);
▪️ Mouline thread (100% cotton);
▪️ Metal needle.

✂️ DIY embroidery kit characteristics:
▪️ Finished size: 2.36″ х 7.48″ (6.5 cm x 20 cm);
▪️ Types of seams: a full cross in two strands, a back stitch;
▪️ 3 colors; partly stitched; handmade.

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