Counted Cross Stitch Pattern of Bookmark “Game of Thrones: Dothraki Clan” – Download in PDF

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Full-color block chart
Legend with DMC thread colors
Color image of the completed piece for reference

Designed for 16 counts white Aida
Colors: 3 DMC colors
Size: 25 x 109 stitches

6,5 cm x 20 cm on 16 count Aida
If you choose a different Aida count, the final sizes will vary

✔️ Please be advised this is a downloadable digital pattern for embroidery, not a ready-made item.

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Counted Cross Stitch Pattern of Bookmark “Game of Thrones: Dothraki Clan” – Download in PDF

“A khalasar is a Dothraki clan or tribe. Khalasars can be quite small but can expand to encompass tens of thousands of mounted warriors and many more than that number in women and children. Khalasars are spread across the Dothraki sea and frequently raid surrounding regions.

Khalasars which meet on the plains usually engage in battle, except at Vaes Dothrak where no weaponry is permitted due to the illegality of bloodshed within the city. However, that does not mean that violence in the city is unheard of, with Dothraki devising cunning means to kill without the use of steel or shedding of blood. Khal Drogo’s khalasar numbered about 40,000 riders, but was considered unusually large compared to others.” – Game of Thrones Wiki

The exclusive embroidery design “Dothraki Clan” is specially crafted for fans of fantasy movies about the Seven Kingdoms Game of Thrones By completing the work, you get a useful and beautiful handmade bookmark while improving your creativity and artistic skills. You can definitely use the bookmark when reading your favorite books or it can be a great gift for a true fan of “A Song of Ice and Fire”.

Our patterns and instructions are easy to interpret and a pleasure to embroider. All it takes to make such a bookmark is a small piece of 16 count Aida cloth, 3,9 x 7,8 inches (10 x 20 cm) in size, and leftover threads from kits that have already been embroidered. The process of sewing the bookmark is described in the instruction that goes with the pattern.

✔️ This embroidery pattern for cross stitch has been created by a certified specialist and thoroughly tested!

✔️ Partly stitched! Our patterns include just enough thread colors to ensure a bright and quality design. You won’t have to stitch any redundant “single” crosses. Every cross is exactly where it belongs.

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