Counted Cross Stitch Bookmark Kit “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay”

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  • 🐦 ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay’ counted cross-stitch kit includes everything to create finished bookmark: pattern, guide, 16-count Aida cloth, threads, needle;
  • ☝️ There is NO PRINTED image on the canvas! This is a Counted Cross Stitch Kit;
  • 📏 Size: 2.36″ х 7.70″ (6 х 19.5 cm); Colors: 10; Canvas color: white. Characteristics: Counted cross-stitch; a full cross in two strands, a backstitch, and a buttonhole stitch; partly stitched;
  • ✂️ To complete this embroidery kit it is desirable to have hand embroidery basic craft skills;
  • ✊ DIY needlework bookmark – perfect Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas handmade gift for Suzanne Collins’ ‘The Hunger Games’ books fan.
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🐦 Counted cross stitch bookmark kit “Hunger Games: Mockingjay” features Katniss Everdeen revealing Cinna’s Mockingjay dress, and golden mockingjay pin, a symbol of rebelion.

The mockingjay is a bird that was created through the unintended mating of mockingbirds and jabberjays. The father of the species was the jabberjay, an exclusively male muttation species that the Capitol invented to spy on rebels during the First Rebellion. Jabberjays could memorize entire conversations and repeat them back to their Capitol handlers. However, rebels caught on and fed lies to the birds, sending them back loaded with misinformation. After that, the Capitol shut down the operation and jabberjays were released into the wild in the hope that they would die off. They eventually did, but not before mating with female mockingbirds, producing the mockingjay. This was unforeseen, because no one expected jabberjays to be able to reproduce with other bird species.

☝️ The embroidery pattern for this counted cross stitch kit has been created by a certified specialist and thoroughly tested! Hand embroidery kit consists of all the necessary materials to get this DIY bookmark. The user-friendly manual will help you enjoy the embroidery process to the fullest. You can definitely use the bookmark when reading your favorite books or it can be a great gift for a true fan of The Hunger Games saga.

✂️ Bookmark cross stitch kit includes:
▪️ Counted cross stitch pattern;
▪️ Instructions;
▪️ 16-count Aida cloth (white color);
▪️ Mouline thread (100% cotton);
▪️ Metal needle.

✂️ DIY embroidery kit characteristics:
▪️ Finished size: 2.36″ x 7.70″ (6 x 19.5 cm);
▪️ Types of seams: a full cross in two strands, a back stitch, buttonhole stitch;
▪️ 10 colors; partly stitched; handmade.

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