Weasley Family House Cross Stitch Bookmark Kit “The Burrow: It’s Not Much But It’s Home” Counted Pattern Included

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  • “Sorting Hat” counted cross-stitch kit includes everything to create an embroidered bookmark: pattern, guide, 16-count Aida cloth, threads, needle.
  • Size: 2.36″ х 7.70″ (6 х 19.5 cm); Colors: 9; Canvas color: white.
  • Characteristics: a full cross stitch in two strands, backstitch, buttonhole stitch; Partly stitched.
  • To complete this kit it is desirable to have hand embroidery basic craft skills.
  • DIY bookmark – a perfect handmade gift for Witchcraft and Wizardry books fan.
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Weasley Family House Cross Stitch Bookmark Kit “The Burrow: It’s Not Much But It’s Home” Counted Pattern Included ?

⚡”The Burrow was the family home of the Weasley family, located on the outskirts of Ottery St Catchpole in Devon, England. It was a thoroughly magical dwelling that became a second home to Harry Potter. A barn and chicken coop stood nearby.

The Burrow was held up with magic and was very cluttered inside, but very welcoming at the same time. It was also stated that it was quite near to the Lovegood House. In 1997, following the death of Albus Dumbledore, the Burrow became the Headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix.

The Weasleys were forced to abandon their home during the height of the Second Wizarding War when they became targets of the Death Eaters. Arthur and Molly also moved back to the Burrow following the Battle of Hogwarts. Their home eventually became “quite the photo op for wizarding history buffs.”⚡ – Harry Potter wiki

☝️ The embroidery pattern for this counted cross stitch kit has been created by a certified specialist and thoroughly tested! The hand embroidery kit consists of all the necessary materials to get this DIY bookmark. The user-friendly manual will help you enjoy the embroidery process to the fullest. By completing the work, you get a useful and beautiful handmade bookmark while improving your creative and artistic skills. You can definitely use the bookmark when reading your favorite books or it can be a great Back to school gift for a true fan of Harry Potter novels.

✂️ Counted cross-stitch kit includes:
▪️ Counted cross stitch pattern;
▪️ Instructions;
▪️ 16-count Aida cloth (white color);
▪️ Mouline thread (100% cotton);
▪️ Metal needle.

✂️ DIY bookmark embroidery kit characteristics:
▪️ Finished size: 2.36″ x 7.70″ (6 x 19.5 cm);
▪️ Types of seams: a full cross in two strands, a back stitch, buttonhole stitch;
▪️ 8 colors; partly stitched; handmade.

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